10 More Top Sights and Attractions to Visit in London

Recently, I posted on the 10 Most Visited Attractions in London for the year 2017. The list was based on official figures gathered by the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions (ALVA). All of the attractions which made it to the Top 10 were museums. Of course, London is not only about museums. There’s so much to see in one of the world’s most visited cities that I am adding to the list 10 More Top Sights and Attractions to Visit in London.

1) Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

The Palace of Westminster, commonly known as the Houses of Parliament is where the House of Commons (lower house) and the House of Lords (upper house) meet to propose and discuss new legislation. The Palace is located on the north bank of the River Thames in Central London.

The Parliament is open throughout the year where visitors can attend debates and committee hearings. Also, visitors can take a tour of this iconic building at the heart of English government and a symbol of parliamentary democracy.

Please read a friend’s actual tour experience in her post  “Why You Shouldn’t Miss Visiting the Houses of Parliament (London, UK).”

10 More Top Sights and Attractions to Visit in London

At the north end of the Palace is the tower where Big Ben is located. Big Ben is the nickname for the Great Bell of the formerly known Clock Tower. In 2012, it was renamed Elizabeth Tower to mark the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

The tower is a prominent symbol of the United Kingdom and an icon recognised all over the world.

2) London Eye

London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel which is a much loved and popular landmark located on the South Bank of the River Thames. It opened to the public in 2000. Its 30-minute rotation offers amazing and great views of the city, and even beyond on a bright, clear day.

10 More Top Sights and Attractions to Visit in London

The wheel is 135 metres tall and has a diameter of 120 metres. It has 32 capsules each of which weighs 10 tonnes and can carry 25 people.

3) Westminster Abbey

Considered as the finest example of Early English Gothic architecture, Westminster Abbey has been the traditional place of Royal coronation, weddings, burials and memorials.

10 More Top Sights and Attractions to Visit in London

On September 1997 the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales, was held here. Her son, Prince William and his fiancée Catherine Middleton were married at this notable religious building in April 2011.

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4) St Paul’s Cathedral

A masterpiece by architect Christopher Wren, St Paul’s Cathedral whose dome is easily recognised is one of the most famous sights of London.

10 More Top Sights and Attractions to Visit in London
Credit: travelhdwallpapers.com

An important part of British history, funerals of many notable figures including Lord Nelson, Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher have been held here. The marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer took place at this cathedral on July 1981.

5) Tower Bridge

Many people often confuse this iconic symbol across River Thames located near the Tower of London as London Bridge. A combination of bascule and suspension bridge, its deck can be raised to allow tall ships to pass. This has become an important feature and the bridge’s top crowd drawer. The deck is also accessible to both vehicles and pedestrians.

10 More Top Sights and Attractions to Visit in London

The bridge’s neo-Gothic twin towers connected by high-level horizontal walkways and Victorian engine rooms form part of the Tower Bridge Exhibition. The exhibition takes visitors along an enthralling historical journey of the bridge’s inception until the present.

The most recent development was the spectacular glass floor across the high-level walkways. Not for the faint-hearted, it offers a scary view of the river and the traffic down below through the glass walkway.

10 More Top Sights and Attractions to Visit in London

6) National Portrait Gallery

Founded in 1856, National Portrait Gallery is the first portrait gallery in the world which collects and displays photographs and caricatures as well as paintings, drawings and sculptures of historically important and famous British people.

10 More Top Sights and Attractions to Visit in London
Credit: Herry Lawford

Its prized collections include Chandos portrait of William Shakespeare, Andy Warhol’s silkscreen print of Queen Elizabeth II, a sketch of the novelist Jane Austen by her sister Cassandra, among others. An audio guide tour featuring 200 portraits is available where visitors can hear the voices of some subject personalities.

7) Royal Albert Hall

Built in 1871, this distinctive domed-roof and red brick amphitheatre is a concert hall located in South Kensington. Many of the world’s leading artists in different genres have appeared and performed on its stage.

10 More Top Sights and Attractions to Visit in London

Every year, it boasts of hundreds of shows in the main auditorium. It has played host to classical, pop and rock concerts, ballet, opera, film screenings with a live orchestra, sports, award ceremonies, school and community events, charity performances and banquets.

Since 1941, it is the venue for the  BBC’s Promenade Concerts (aka the Proms), an eight-week summer season of daily orchestral classical music concerts.

8) Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the official London home of the Queen. Its first resident was Queen Victoria who moved from Kensington Palace in 1837. A 25 metre-high statue known as Victoria Memorial was erected in her honour in the palace’s public facade.

10 More Top Sights and Attractions to Visit in London

The palace is open to the public when the Royal family is away on summer holidays. The Changing of the Guards is one of its main attractions. It’s held daily at 11:30 am from April to July and on alternate days from August to March (weather allowing). Watch and enjoy as the palace guards in their red uniforms and bear-skin hats march and shout in about 40-minute handover.

10 More Top Sights and Attractions to Visit in London

9) Kensington Palace

Built in 1605 and set in Kensington Gardens, Kensington Palace has been a residence of the British Royal Family. Generations of royals had lived here which include Queen Victoria and Princess Diana. Current occupants include Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry, and a host of other royals.

10 More Top Sights and Attractions to Visit in London

The palace displays many paintings as well as other objects from the Royal Collection. Also, the State Rooms are open to the public.

10) Hampton Court Palace

A fine example of Tudor architecture from the 16th century, under the palace’s roofs are many works of art and furnishings from the Royal Collection. Replete with many historical events during the Tudor period, this palace should be in every architecture and history buff’s list. No British Royal Family had lived here since the 18th century.

10 More Top Sights and Attractions to Visit in London

Outside the palace are stunning gardens including the Hampton Court Maze. Your experience in this palace will not be complete without losing yourself in this 800-metres long maze.

Have you been to London? How many in this list of 10 More Top Sights and Attractions to Visit in London have you visited? Which are your favourites?

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10 More Top Sights and Attractions to Visit in London

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  1. Nice details you shared through your post, I am in London now and want to visit more places for my photography project and your article helped me a lot. Thanks for sharing good list of attractions.

    1. Cheers! Glad to know that this post helped you as there’s so much to see in London. Have a great time in London and all the best for your project!

  2. I have never heard of the National Portrait Gallery but it looks pretty awesome! I have been to London but it was nearly 10 years ago and it was one of my first ever international trips so I did not do much research, just landed up there and was so much in awe of the city, that I ended up doing only the highly recommended things by the locals, without prior plans. I did visit most of the places in your list such as Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Parliament House and Big Ben but only from the outside and of course, the Tower Bridge (and I remember being told the exact same thing, it’s NOT the London Bridge). It seems like I need to go back through and explore London even more thoroughly next time!

  3. There’s so much to see and do in London. You gave me a fresh take on how to spend my next trip. I spent one night in Shoreditch and loved that last time I was there but it’s not for everybody.

  4. All are so worth visiting! The list is actually endless and I am sure you had a difficult time choosing one sight over the other. I wonder if a 2 week trip can cover most of London.

    1. London has so much to offer to its visitors and the list of sights to see and things to do could go on and on. Depending on your interests, I reckon you can cover a lot of ground in a two-week trip to London.

  5. Wow! this made me miss London so much! I loved the must sees and I can’t believe there’s a spectacular glass floor across the high-level walkways now… it looks so awesome. Gave me another reason to head back.

  6. Thanks for sharing this post, such a good read. I really love how beautiful London as always. I love all of your photos and your adventure here in London was indeed so great. You got me with your beautiful photos of St. Paul’s Cathedral and Buckingham Palace.

  7. I’m happy to have seen a bunch of these popular sites in London while there during a layover! It was a tour that took us to many sites, including street art and markets. Love London and want to return!

  8. I’ve been to London twice now, so I’ve seen most of the places on your list. But what I love about London is how much there is to do and how it constantly changes, so I feel like with every visit I could still enjoy new sites.

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