About Us

Welcome to our little corner in the cyberspace. We’re Ash & Ruth, originally from the Philippines but now living in the UK. We share the same passion for travelling – exploring new places, meeting people, discovering and learning new things.

Ruth has degrees in Tourism and Nursing (two of the most common courses studied by Filipinos who want to see the world). She’s presently working as a nurse in a UK hospital. Ash’s background is in Accountancy and had worked with a top bank in Manila. Instead of number-crunching, he’s now constantly banging our computer’s keyboard to create contents for this blog.

Ash & Ruth
Ash & Ruth in Akranes, Iceland

We made a bold and life-changing decision when we left our motherland in the early 2000’s to start a new chapter in our lives. Now settled and adapted to the British way of life (and the rubbish weather), we are still learning a lot about our adopted country.

We have a son, Dan who is currently a university student. He also developed an interest in travels, loves museums and is always on the lookout for places to eat. Travelling as a family means being rewarded in the process with unexpected discoveries, learning and experiences we will never have elsewhere.

Dan in Paris, France

Together, we’ve been to 20+ countries on four continents. However, we’re considering travelling as a couple in the future since Dan is busy with his studies.

The Blog

Our blog’s name was inspired by the song “Farther On” by Jackson Browne, a favourite singer-songwriter. As a baby boomer couple and dreamers, we can relate and resonate ourselves in the song (check out video link and lyrics below). It is about chasing dreams, welcoming change and moving forward. Life is full of challenges and we should not give up no matter how tough the struggles become. We must have faith and hearts full of hope as we continue our pursuit of happiness and freedom.

We believe that travelling opens up a whole new world of wonderful experiences that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. By sharing those experiences and adventures (or the lack thereof) in this blog, we hope to inspire our readers. We will also include guides, tips, even mistakes we’ve made and much more so you can gain insights on the joys and challenges of travelling.

Also, this blog will serve as our outlet to continue our creative juices flowing, if there are still any left and hold Mr Alzheimer and his cohorts at bay. Furthermore, we aim to connect with people around the world with whom we share the same passion. We want to make new friends, exchange notes and possibly meet them on the road. We want to hear from you, please follow us and do get in touch.

Farther On – Jackson Browne

In my early years I hid my tears
And passed my days alone
Adrift on an ocean of loneliness
My dreams like nets were thrown
To catch the love that I’d heard of
In books and films and songs
Now there’s a world of illusion and fantasy
In the place where the real world belongs

Still I look for the beauty in songs
To fill my head and lead me on
Though my dreams have come up torn and empty
As many times as love has come and gone

To those gentle ones my memory runs
To the laughter we shared at the meals
I filled their kitchens and living rooms
With my schemes and my broken wheels
It was never clear how far or near
The gates to my citadel lay
They were cutting from stone some dreams of their own
But they listened to mine anyway

I’m not sure what I’m trying to say
It could be I’ve lost my way
Though I keep a watch over the distance
Heaven’s no closer than it was yesterday

And the angels are older
They know not to wait up for the sun
They look over my shoulder
At the maps and the drawings of the journey I’ve begun

Now the distance leads me farther on
Though the reasons I once had are gone
I keep thinking I’ll find what I’m looking for
In the sand beneath the dawn

But the angels are older
They can see that the sun’s setting fast
They look over my shoulder
At the vision of paradise contained in the light of the past
And they lay down behind me
To sleep beside the road till the morning has come
Where they know they will find me
With my maps and my faith in the distance
Moving farther on